A spy app is an application that is used for monitoring activities on a mobile phone or a computer. Some of these apps are genuinely useful and help in tracking down pesky callers, unwanted texts while some are just for fun. A lot of spy apps have been created recently for the android platform. In this article, we will have a look at some of the major spy apps which have recently come up and are popular.


The major spy apps are listed below:-

1) MobileSpy

Mobile spy is one of the most popular spying apps available today. This app gives the user access to the targeted mobile phone’s Whatsapp and Facebook conversations. The user can also access the control panel of the targeted device and block some apps. This app also gives the user access to monitor the targeted mobile phone’s phone conversations and it gives the user access to emails of the target. It can be installed in the target mobile phone in about 2-3 minutes and immediately starts its surveillance. Below is an image of the startup screen of the app:-

2) Mobistealth

This app is mainly used as a parental control app. It comes at different costs and packages depending on the usage. The app has innovations that make it really useful for spy calling and recording. It enables the user to interrupt directly calls that parents perceive to be harmful for their children. It was ranked as the top app by most child internet safety forums. Below is a screenshot of the app at work:-


3) Monitor Call SMS Photo Location

Another top rated app, this app comes with a three day free trial. This app cans monitor sms, phone calls, photos and the location of the target. This app also comes up with a backup feature that safely backs-up the target data such as call log, sms, and the location data. Every time the target gets a call or a sms, the user gets a notification.


There are some apps which prevent espionage in the phone. These are called anti spying apps. The major ones are:-

1)  Antispymobile

One of the most popular anti spy apps, this app scans for spy apps and removes them. It is available as a free download application and users can upgrade to the professional versions. Below is a screenshot of the app:-


2) Anti spy and antivirus

It is one of the most advanced anti spy apps available today. Whenever someone tries to spy on the user’s mobile the app alerts the user and unlike other apps, it alerts the user in stealth mode so that the person trying to spy on the user’s phone is not alerted at all. It also protects the user’s phone from viruses, which is an added advantage.